About Ken’s Books

About Ken’s Books

About Ken’s Books

Ken’s second book, soon available: Your ultimate guide to taking the PSAT and SAT

Ken Krueger’s Proven Breakthrough PSAT/SAT Tips: How To Think Like The Testmakers

Please read the introductory chapter from Ken’s upcoming book.

All of the tips and strategies which maximize student test success are stressed in Ken’s class on a weekly basis. While you are waiting for Ken’s second book, please check out his first book, shown below.

Ken’s first book, now available: Your ultimate guide to the college admissions process

Read the review from the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC)

This book has been marketed and sold in 12 states and Canada to date since January 2010.

In the tough economic times that many families are facing, it may be comforting to know that a thoroughly comprehensive, up to date, easily readable guide with expert, experienced advice is readily available for students. Mr. Krueger has encountered, year after year, many parents overwhelmed by it all, and who are even more apprehensive than their sons and daughters. More information about his book can be found at the Planning For Colleges section.

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A Letter of Introduction
The Mission Statement regarding Ken’s book and services
The book cover, front and back
The book outline
The book’s Introductory Chapter, with good information regarding college planning
The ABCs of College Planning
Life Lessons (audio excerpt)

“Krueger’s Book is a definitive how-to guide that touches every aspect of the college planning process. It is heavy on touching every base, walking you through the college planning process from beginning to end, so that your first step on campus is light. This book will help thousands of students and parents. It is all in here, the entire college planning process, every step.”

Frederick E. Rugg, bestselling author whose works include Rugg’s Recommendations on the Colleges

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