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The following are communications documenting the efficacy of Ken’s program. Please scroll down to the bottom of the page to see book testimonials.


I wanted to let you know that I scored a 1450 on the PSAT, including a perfect 760 on the math sections! Looks like those math categories worked! Thank you for your all your help along the way. You were a great teacher, and I learned a lot from you about both standardized tests and life.

Best wishes,

Alec O., Dec. 2017

Good afternoon,

I just wanted to let you know that I was accepted to Stanford! Thank you for everything you have done to get me to this point. I know that 35 on the ACT is a big reason why I got in.

Thank you again!

Emma O., Dec. 2017

Mr. Krueger,

I wanted to thank you for the amazing discount, classes, and knowledge I received from you. I got my scores back, and I raised my score by 130 points, going from an 1140 to a 1270.

My self-confidence to apply to college has gone up, and I will be applying to my dream school, the University of San Diego.

Thank you again for your generosity and your wisdom through tutoring.

Sofia F., Nov. 2017

Hi Ken,

I wanted to reach out and let you know that Kiana managed to get acceptance from ALL schools she applied to. UCLA, UC San Diego, Baylor, UC Colorado Denver, ASU, UofA Honors College, GCU, … After long evaluation, we’ve decided for UofA Honors! Although, UCLA or UC San Diego would have been great choices.

Thank you so very much for your help and efforts in getting Kiana prepared for her SAT and ACT tests! She did better on the ACT :-)

Hope all is well on your end.

Sarka S., May 2017

Dear Ken,

Thank you so much for preparing William for the HSPT. The results were fantastic. He was accepted by Brophy with Honors designation and will take SHEP Biology this summer- both of which were his goals through this process. He will be back before too long for PSAT prep!

Thanks from Camille for PSAT,SAT, and ACT prep. She will be attending the University of Southern California in the fall.

Jeanie H, March 2017

Hi Mr. Krueger,

We were informed yesterday that Ryan was also accepted to Brophy with Honors, along with being accepted to Notre Dame. Our principal told me his test score was 96th percentile. We area very proud of Ryan’s efforts! Ryan was thrilled yesterday afternoon and 1st thing he said when he got into the car was: “Thank you, Mr. Krueger!!”

Now a decision needs to be made- Notre Dame or Brophy Prep. Thank you again for preparing Ryan so thoroughly and giving him that additional confidence he needed. Our daughter, Hannah, has two years to go and hopefully will be Xavier bound. We’ll be in touch.

Deb F., March 2017

Mr. Krueger - wanted to let you know that Bailey was accepted into XCP, and was invited into Honors English and AP World History. She also scored high enough on her math (89th percentile) and will be taking the math placement test as well!

I appreciate all your help, Your program is clearly a success!

Bobbi Jo (XCP alumnus), March 2017

Hi Mr. Krueger,

Niki was accepted to Xavier with Honors in algebra biology great books and AP in world history! Thank you so much for all the help and support towards her admission

Neychelle, F., March 2017

Hello Mr. Krueger,

I did pretty well on my PSAT. I got a 1380 - my score actually went up 210 points! I just got an email from the college board saying that I've qualified for the National Hispanic Recognition Program which comes with some pretty nice scholarships. I also got a 1300 on my SAT. Thanks again for the test prep help!

Troy, Feb. 2017

Thanks Ken for your help! I appreciate you helping the twins with their test prep and for leading them to success. Bryce was so proud that he scored a perfect score on the SAT Math (800), and a 1490 total score, and Connor was proud of his 33 on the ACT, all thanks to your prep. Yes, the $700 spent (for 20 total lessons) was well worth it, and we are hoping for some scholarship dollars. I will drop you an email to let you know how they do and where they decide to go to college. Bryce is applying to Duke, so maybe he will be a Blue Devil like you!

J.O. - November 2016


I want to thank you for being there for me when I was struggling with my test scores at the time. I wouldn’t have gotten my ACT score a lot higher, nor would have I gotten into RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) if it weren’t for you. I especially liked that we had a lot in common regarding hearing loss. You impacted my life because you truly understood what I was going through with my hearing impairment. It must have been harder for you back in the days when there were not a lot of technological advances. Thank you for being my instructor and friend. I always looked up to you! I learned a lot from you.

Best regards,

Anil A. - July 2016

Dear Mr. Krueger;

I hope you are doing well. I just want to thank you for all your help tutoring me. With your help, I was able to raise my test scores and earn an appointment to the United States Air Force Academy Prep School.

I will be playing football for Air Force Prep, and then play for USAFA next fall. You really blessed me and my family with your lessons (which were free of charge). I’ve earned a $450,000 scholarship to the Air Force Academy. I truly can’t thank you enough! I report to USAFAPS on July 20th and I will start my journey with the United States Air Force. Thank you again!


Isaiah Goodspeed


 - July 2016

Hello Ken;

Thank you for finding room for my kids in your schedule. I know that they love being in class with you!! In a short time you have become a very inspirational and important person in their life.

Lesley - Nov. 2015

Hi Ken,

I wanted you to know Jamie got her score back for SAT and it is 2300! We are so proud of her and of course thankful for your help!

Thanks, we will be in touch,

Sue & Jamie - Aug. 2015

Good Afternoon Ken,

I wanted to thank you for everything you have done for my daughters Megan and Jackie. Megan graduated from Creighton Nursing School this weekend and Jackie from Xavier this weekend as well. If you hadn't heard, Jackie was a National Merit Finalist and will attend Rice University in the Fall. I still have one more to go so I hope you are not retiring anytime soon. Thank you.


Gregory - May 2015

Good Afternoon Mr. Krueger,

I know that my husband already informed you that Jessica was accepted to both Xavier and Seton. However, I want to thank you because I truly believe that your course gave her the knowledge and confidence that she needed in order to test to the best of her ability. Again, thank you for the hard work and dedication you put into these courses. We look forward to you having our younger daughter Christina take your course in the coming future.


Patricia - March 2015

Hi Ken,

I’m so happy to write to tell you Ian received his SAT scores today and the news was good. He received a 640 on Reading (88th percentile), 680 on Math (90th percentile) and 660 on writing (92nd percentile), for a total composite score of 1,980. Since his PSAT score was 178, I was expecting a score around 1,780. Clearly your class and guidance made all the difference. Once again, my family is so grateful for all you have done! Bless you!!

Anita – Feb. 2015

Hi Ken!

Long time no talk. Just wanted to update you on my scores. When i first took the ACT , i got a 27. I got back my scores from my December test and i got a 30! I just wanted to thank you for all that you have done and enabled me to do. You are a great teacher and someday my little sister will be coming to you. Thank you again for everything and i hope all is well.

Best wishes,
Ben – Jan. 2015

Mr. Krueger,

I hope you are having a wonderful break! I wanted to start off by thanking you so much for your help with the PSAT, Last year I scored a 181, and with your help, this year I scored a 221 and am absolutely thrilled! I am planning on taking a March SAT and would like to start class with you again. What days/times are you available for SAT tutoring? Thank you again!

Casey – Dec. 2014

Ken, thanks a TON for your guidance. If someone asks for test prep guidance, I will surely send him your way. You are the best no nonsense teacher. Kids learn and improve their skills. Anil has so much respect for you and your teaching style. We were so lucky to be given your name as a reference. Our son scored 28 on his ACT and has been accepted to several schools so far. I only wish he could have started prep with you in his sophomore year.

Krishna A. – Dec. 2014


I hope all is well. Thank you for your previous assistance with our daughters, Juliana and Gina. They were able to score sufficiently well on the SAT and ACT to be accepted to the University of San Diego and Tulane University, respectively, with scholarships.

Our next daughter, Claudia, is a junior this year, and plans to sit for the April 18th ACT and May 2nd SAT tests. She would like to reserve a spot in your ACT/SAT prep course on Friday afternoons beginning in January. Please let us know your class schedule for January.

Thank you for your attention to this matter and best regards.

John M. – Nov. 2014

Hello Ken,

My wife and I wanted to personally thank you for helping our daughter achieve her dream. After attending your sessions and raising her scores on both the ACT and SAT Kaitlin had several opportunities. Kaitlin received an appointment to the United States Naval Academy, the United States Coast Guard Academy, and a three year Army ROTC scholarship anywhere she was accepted. She accepted her number one choice to attend USNA in Annapolis, MD.

Thanks again for your help and encouragement with our daughter.

Mike & Laura – July 2014

Hi Ken,

We just wanted to let you know that William was "Accepted with Distinction" into the Brophy class of 2018!!!! Thank you SO MUCH for all your guidance for the boys these past 2 years-- we have one more son to go but he's only in 5th grade this year, so we can take a breather for a little while!

Thank you again for all your help!! We will be sure to send friends your way!!


Hi Ken,

Just wanted to follow up and let you know that Jake was accepted to Brophy and Riley was accepted to Xavier. Riley's composite score increased by 60 points from the practice test. We don't have Jake's test results yet, but he must have improved significantly. Thank you so much for working with them. We feel incredibly blessed and are so excited that they will have this opportunity!


Hi Ken,

I just thought you’d like to know that Chloe applied early decision to Columbia and was accepted! She will be attending and diving for them in the fall! Thank you for your help and encouragement, it’s wonderful to know that type of assistance is out there! If I had any younger children, I would most certainly be sending them to you but alas, she is my youngest…Again, thank you!

Kathy and Chloe H – February 2014

Hi Ken,

Nicole met with you this fall to prepare for her ACT retake. My husband and I wanted to send a big thank you your way for helping Nicole attain her much improved ACT score (25 to a 30!). We truly appreciate the time you took with Nicole and the understanding you had for her needs and work style. We are all thrilled! Needless to say, this score put her in a higher bracket for scholarship awards. Additionally, she has been accepted to every Honors College to which she has applied. Your classes were very flexible and they worked well with Nicole’s busy schedule. Fortunately, Nicole doesn’t need to test again, but if we were looking to do so, you would be our first call.

Thanks again Ken and all the best in 2014!

Lynda and Craig – January 2014

Hello Mr. Krueger,

This is Connor E. I would first like to thank you for all of the work you have done. Before working with you, I got a 26 on my ACT, and afterwards I just achieved a 33! I’m very excited and it’s all thanks to you. I am taking the ACT again in April, and I was wondering when we should start meeting again. Please let me know as soon as you can. Have a great day.

Connor E – January 2014

Dear Ken,

My daughter, Maren Rincon recently attended your testing seminars in preparation for re-taking the ACT and SAT. After 6 sessions with you, her ACT score increased by 5 points. The service you provide students is remarkable and I would recommend any student who is wishing to increase their test score, sign up with you !!!!! In addition to what you provided, she also signed a Letter of Intent to swim at the University of Nebraska Omaha. Thanks for everything and helping my daughter achieve her goals.

Brent R – December 2013

Hi Ken,

This is Troy. I just want to let you know that I received my ACT scores today, and I got a 26! I’m very proud of my score, especially because I improved from a 22. I want to thank you for all of the help and inspiring ideas you gave Cody and me. I’m sure you will see my younger brother Luke next year!

Troy M – November 2013

Mr. Krueger,

I received my ACT score back this past week. My scores were:

Composite: 29
Reading: 25
Math: 33
English: 29
Science: 27
[Essay: 8]

I wanted to tell you thank you for all you did to help me get my score. I
think that the 29 should work great for admissions wherever I decide to go
play college baseball. Thank you so much for helping me increase my score.
I appreciate all you did to help me. You are the best, and I will continue
to try to send O’Connor kids your way.

Marco B– October 2013

Hey Mr. Kreuger,

I just wanted to thank you for your tips and help before the September 2013
ACT. I was able to reach my goal of a composite score of 34 (English: 35,
Math: 33, Reading: 35, Science: 33). I’ll be sure to recommend you to fellow
students and future ACT test-takers.

David L– October 2013

Good morning Mr. Krueger!

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your help with the SAT. Prior to taking your classes, I was scoring in the 1900 range on practice tests. With your guidance and immensely helpful test-taking strategies and tips, I got a 2340 on the June SAT. This will look wonderful on my college résumé and will help me be successful with college applications this coming fall. Again, I couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you for your support and encouragement throughout my high school years- from admittance into the Xavier Great Books program and Honors Biology as a freshman to now. I will always highly recommend you to anyone in need of test-taking help.

Thanks again Mr. Krueger!

Krystal C

Hello Mr. Krueger, I am very excited to inform you that Poorvi got accepted
into Xavier with honors in math, language, biology and world history. Thank
you so much for being her mentor and guiding her through this process.

This wouldn’t have been possible without your help.

Thank you so much!!!!!


I wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I appreciate all that you have done for my son, Evan Anderson. After taking your SAT Prep Class he has a newly found confidence. It is great to see him this way. I was wondering if you do ACT/SAT Prep classes throughout the school year and if you ever do one-to-one prep classes? I have a two students that I would like to refer to you if that is something you do.

Sonia G. – January 2013

Jack did great on his ACT. He got a 32! Thanks for your help. His counselor does not recommend retaking the SAT… your thoughts?

N.D. Mom – May 2012

Ashtyn said she received a 29 on her ACT!….Kendra just called… very excited… she got a 32! Not sure of the breakdown, but she was thrilled. Thank you, Ken

Mom of twins – May 2012

Hi Ken, just wanted you to let you know that Emily and John did great on the ACT! Emily scored a 34 and John a 31. Just the results we were hoping for – due in part to your prep course, AND the confidence they had going into the test. Thanks again

Another Mom of twins – May 2012

Hi Ken, Kyle asked me to send this information to you – his composite ACT score is 31! He’s pretty pleased! Now, both Kyle and Eric have definitely benefited from your test prep classes!

Mom of 2 boys – May 2012

Ken, J.M. scored a 32 on the ACT! We are all saying prayers of thanks, and really appreciate your efforts. G.M. is looking forward to your classes next year, and C.M. won’t be far behind in a couple of years.

Father of 3 girls – May2012

Hi Mr. K,
Just FYI I got a 30 on the ACT. I was very happy with my score! Thanks for the coaching.

Brophy student – May 2012

We appreciate very much how much you helped E.S. through the testing required this year. I know she would not have attained those scores without you.

Xavier College Prep Mom

Good afternoon Ken,

You helped coach my daughter Candice last year for the SAT and ACTs. She is now a senior at Xavier College Prep and was accepted at Duke University! She will enroll as a Blue Devil this August. You’re 2 for 2, you helped my son Daryl, Brophy class of 2007, prepare for his SATs. He graduated from Texas Christian University last spring and now is a Graduate Assistant for The Ohio State University’s Football team!

Gary N – April 2012

I have wanted to express my gratitude and surprise at the increase in Brian’s scores. “Surprised” because in my 28 years of education, I have never seen the data or program that made such an impact!!! You have made a significant difference in Brian’s confidence … and his self concept of test taking skills. Thank you! Thank you!
Congratulations-you are truly a professional educator!

Barbara B. McCloone PH.D (educator; Arizona State University)

Note from Mrs. Cindy McCain:

It is with great pleasure that I lend my support and backing to Ken Krueger and his College Planning Guide. Ken’s book is a great reference for both parents and students trying to wade through the college admissions process. It clears up a lot of the confusion and makes a difficult journey manageable.

The ability Ken has to strengthen the learning of young adults has far surpassed my expectations, and he continues to be a pillar in the educational community. I have four children who have benefited from Ken’s knowledge and guidance as he assisted them with the admissions process into Brophy College Prep, and with SAT tutoring, resulting in improvements of 150 to 400 points.

Ken’s background and experience is impressive, and his qualifications would lend a great deal of value to any individual, family, and business. My children have done so well in part because of Ken Krueger.

Cindy Hensley McCain (wife of Senator John McCain)


I wanted to send you a quick note regarding Rachel’s SAT scores. With just the 6 weeks of tutoring with you she increased her score by over 100. She was accepted to U of mt, has received a 4 year scholarship worth 48,000 and has been accepted into the Honors college. We are waiting to hear if she is a finalist for the presidential scholarship.

Thank again for your services and understanding of our need to reschedule her tutoring sessions.

Thank you,

J.S. – March 2012

Hi Ken,

Guess what? My daughter’s overall PSAT score was a 217! When she showed me her score she said it was a direct result of the work you did with her. She actually pointed to her Writing score and said “That’s all Mr. Krueger right there!” My daughter can fill you in on the details when she sees you for class on Friday. Needless to say she (and my husband and I) couldn’t be more thrilled! Certainly there’s no guarantee what her PSAT score may mean in terms of recognition for National Merit, but I know she would not have done this well without your teaching and guidance. Thanks so very much for all you did for my daughter during her PSAT studies and for what you do for all your students!

Happy Mom Update: My daughter scored 34 on the ACT! My husband and I are humbled and so grateful for all you have done. Yes, she has the ability to do well academically, but you were able to harness her raw gift, focus her determination, guide her preparation, and calm her nerves so that she could do her absolute best on both the ACT and SAT. I have no doubt you changed her life, Ken. I cannot wait to see what doors may open for her over the next year as she moves through the college application process. Thank you just doesn’t seem like enough. God Bless you!


Happy mom – January 2012


I wanted to thank you for your help with Jake. He said he feels much more confident going into tomorrow’s test (HSPT). The confidence boost alone is worth the money! He’s a smart kid (when he uses his brain) and hopefully he does well enough tomorrow that Brophy would love to have him. We just found out that he was awarded a Christian service award scholarship for his volunteering so hopefully he’s on a roll!

Thank you again,

Jennifer – January 2012

Dear Mr. Krueger,

I just wanted to inform you of my wonderful news. I applied Early Decision to Bryn Mawr College (my dream school), and got in! I will be heading there in the fall, and I cannot thank you enough for all the help you gave me. Because of you, my SAT and ACT scores improved more than I could have hoped for. I credit you with much of my success in this process, and I am going to recommend you to all of my underclassman friends. Again, thank you!


Julia H. – January 2012

Good afternoon, Mr. Krueger!

I can honestly say my excellent scores would not have been possible without all of your help. Thanks to you, I had the proper mind set while I was in the testing room–I just imagined I was in your office! I simply cannot thank you enough! If you hadn’t given me a scholarship to take your class, I would not have been able to take any SAT/ACT preparation courses, and I don’t want to imagine how things would have turned out if you weren’t there with all your guidance! I’m really eternally grateful–after I get into college, I’ll definitely be thinking of my gratitude for all your generous help!

Now that I’m heading into my senior year, I get to start applying to schools. However, I’m not sure if where these scores (along with my considerably solid high school transcripts/resume) might get me in! Any suggestions/ideas? I’m really crossing my fingers for a school on the East Coast with a strong English department.

Again, I really cannot thank you enough for everything you’ve done. Thank you, Mr. Krueger!

The eternally grateful,

Zachariah W. – August 2011

Dear Ken,

I cannot thank you enough for doing what you do! Thank you for your thorough test prep, your words of encouragement, and your flexibility with my crazy high school schedule. I am so glad I continued on with your classes into my senior year. I truly believe that your help is really what made the difference by pushing my SAT and ACT scores into the highly competitive range. You have been such a great help with my journey toward college acceptance. You go above and beyond with your quick responses to emails and willingness to assist with any and all questions. Your calming approach to the entire college process gave me the much needed confidence boosts in times of stress. Ken, aside from being a test taking genius, you just make the college application process do-able and more relaxing!

In addition to your educational guidance services, your college planning guide – “Where Do I Start? How Do I Get There?” is unbelievably helpful! Any time I faced a lot of stress (and by stress, I mean from parents), I referred them to your book where all of their questions were answered. I would recommend your book to anyone going through the college application process in a heartbeat!

I don’t know if I will ever be able to express how grateful I am for all your efforts! It is obvious that you truly care about the success of your students and love what you do. Thank you so much for everything!

Forever grateful,

Rachel K., May 2011 – HHS Class of 2011 (Phoenix, AZ) – Duke University Class of 2015

I would like to thank you so much for your excellent guidance on the SAT as well as the PSAT. Not only did I become comfortable with all of the topics that the test covers, but I also learned the format of the test inside out. You broke the long exam down into a few, easy to understand categories of questions so that I knew how to approach anything that was thrown at me. I was so thrilled with the results of my PSAT; I was named a Commended Scholar. And then I did even better on the SAT, scoring a 2240. I was ecstatic! I was so thrilled to see that my score was well above the mean score of so many top schools in the country, and then I got into my first choice school in the Ivy League- the University of Pennsylvania! My SAT score was a huge factor in my invitation to join the prestigious University Scholars research program at Penn, and I am so excited for the opportunities that this will unlock for me in college! Thank you so much, Mr. Krueger! I could not have done this without you!

Sarah M. – June 2010

Between the two times I took the SAT, my composite score rose 200 points. I attribute this increase solely to Mr. Krueger’s class. His class gave me the opportunity to work through difficult math problems and to have them thoroughly explained. The class helped with the English portions too, ( I scored 780 in Writing) because Mr. Krueger taught me tricks and gave helpful hints that I was able to use during the test. Due to his class, I was able to achieve a score that both my parents and I were happy to see.

Jenna G. – June 2010

Ken Krueger’s guidance in preparing me for the PSAT, SAT, and ACT was invaluable. I am a National Merit Finalist, and I could not have done it without his help. Ken Krueger’s ability to break down the test and put students at ease is incredible; he taught me that the secret to success on the SAT is not only to memorize vocabulary words and math formulas (although that is very important), but to be comfortable with the test and to know what to expect. Knowing the test is just as important as knowing what is on the test. Without Ken Krueger’s help, I would not have done as well. I scored a 2320 on the SAT; this score qualified me to be invited to apply for the U.S. Presidential Scholar’s Program. I was named as one of the two 2010 U.S. Presidential Scholars for Arizona. I will be attending The University of Alabama in the fall on a National Merit Scholarship; I will be in the University Fellows Experience and the Computer Based Honors Program, both of which had SAT requirements to apply. Ken Krueger’s help was invaluable in helping me to achieve all of this. I cannot possibly recommend Ken Krueger and his guidance enough; any parent who wants their child to succeed, or any student seeking a bright future should absolutely look to Ken Krueger. Mr. Krueger, thank you so much for all that you did for me.

Morgan W. – June 2010

Dear Mr. Krueger,

I would just like to update you on my ACT and SAT test scores and thank you for your services over the past year. (I have recommended you to several incoming juniors). My ACT composite score is 34 (English: 36, Mathematics: 33, Reading: 34, Science: 32, Writing: 10), and I have opted to not retake this test. In May I took three subject tests, receiving a 770 in Literature, 700 in Math II, and 590 in Biology. Next fall I will most likely be re-testing for the Biology and Math II exams. Lastly, I re-took the SAT in June in hopes of bringing up my math and reading scores (my first SAT scores were as follows: Reading: 710, Math: 720, Writing: 800). More scores for the June test are as follows: Reading: 800, Math: 710, Writing: 740. While my math score did not improve, I am content with my overall combined score and wish to once again thank you for your help in preparing for these exams. I am glad I can confidently fill out standardized test scores on college applications and can now focus on other aspects of the application process.

Best wishes,

Jasmine F. – June 2010


I understand from our last Program Committee meeting that you continue to be MORE than generous with your time and services for our BoysHopeGirlsHope scholars … I just wanted to say (as a Board member of BHGH) how much we appreciate you sticking with us; and more importantly how much we appreciate what you so generously do for our scholars. Your help is TRULY INVALUABLE to them. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Andrea K. – May 2011

We have used the tutoring services of Ken Krueger several years, as he has given instruction to both our son and daughter in the area of test preparation, and we have been happy with the results achieved by our children.

Most importantly, he helps students feel more confident, so that they are more self assured as they enter the testing environment. We highly recommend the services that Ken offers!

Carole & Arte Moreno (owner of MLB’s Los Angeles Angels)

Ken has been an exemplary counselor in both his personal and professional relationships with his 200 counselees annually. He sensitively and empathetically helps the students to deal with personal and family problems while providing comprehensive and up-to-date college counseling for his juniors and seniors, who will virtually all continue their education after graduation.

Rev. A F. Stiegler, S.J. (Principal, Brophy College Preparatory)


I just wanted to thank you for all the incredible guidance and aid for these past four years. You have helped me propel myself past my hardships to achieve my ultimate goal, which is attending the University of San Diego. Everything you’ve done to help me and my family is tremendously appreciated, and I can’t thank you enough.


James M. (October 2010)

Dear Ken,

Thank you for truly improving my test taking skills and providing me with the proper resources to do better on my own afterward. I took the SAT again in October and scored a 1960. I give you credit because I used all of your tools and handouts to master my proficiency on the SAT on my own and was rewarded greatly. I am currently committing to Occidental College in LA, where I was recruited for soccer, and of course, my high scores. I am also in the process of writing my application essay and right beside me, I am using your book for guidance and templates. Thank you again and I hope you continue the success rate. It was a pleasure being in your class.


Alessandro C. (October 2010)

Dear Mr. Krueger,

I am writing to thank you for your incredible tutoring and for giving up your time in order to make me a better test taker. I learned so much about college tests and the admissions process from you and your book. Learning all the little tricks and small details about the SAT truly make me feel more comfortable while taking it. My PSAT score was a 1640, and with your help my SAT improved to 1830. As if that wasn’t enough, I continued to soak up your class and my second SAT accumulative score was a 2050! I never thought I would be anywhere close to this number; now I have one more piece of my puzzle set. You are a wonderful educator, and again I cannot thank you enough for all your help.


Aaron S. – July 2010

Mr. Krueger is very involved assisting students both in and out of the classroom. He is genuinely loved by the students and won the Michael Klein Award at the 1998 Awards Assembly for the compassion in which he serves his students.

Ed Hearn. (Principal, Brophy College Preparatory)

Ken Krueger was one of my high school math teachers at Brophy Prep back in the late 1980’s. Most of us had 30 plus various teachers throughout our high school experience, but it is usually a handful that had a memorable impact on each of us. Ken was one of those, and I can recollect many specific instances in class that were memorable. After 10 years in the CPA field, I decided to enter the education profession myself and became a math teacher. Today I am the Principal of Rancho Solano’s Greenway Campus, and have referred many students to Ken both for specific subject area tutoring as well as HSPT test preparation. Every referral, without exception, has returned with rave reviews of the quality of the services Ken provides. I can also attest to the personal and professional impact he has on the children as a motivating factor and a builder of confidence. With assurance I recommend Ken for your testing and tutoring needs. On a side note, I will never forget Mr. Krueger reciting word for word Kennedy’s inauguration address with absolute precision to our high school class at Brophy! It was nearly 20 years later that this memory led me to contact Ken to get his assistance with our declamation competition at Rancho Solano, and with his help we are sending a student to Harvard University this year to compete against all of our sister schools.

Brent M. Hodges (Principal, Rancho Solano – Greenway)

Dear Mr. Krueger,

Your guidance and support have been very valuable for both of our kids, current students of Brophy and Xavier College Preparatory schools. We as parents wanted to offer the best advice to our kids, but since we both grew up in a different country, we felt the need to approach an experienced and well rounded advisor and tutor like you. You have helped our kids succeed and achieve very good results in their tests after taking your classes. Thank you very much for all your support.


Bibliana – August 2009

Updated Testimonial Follow-up

Hi Ken,

I just wanted to share with you that Tomas has graduated from Brophy this year very successfully and he is at the moment very excited to be heading to Notre Dame this coming August.

All of our friends that I referred to you (Mariah, Logan, Shawn, Tyler, JJ, etc), are very happy with your services, and I am very glad for it, since you have always been a great support for our kids’ academic futures.

Sofia is coming back from her trip tomorrow, so I would like her to check the schedule for PSAT prep classes in your website, to see what the best option is for her.

Have a great summer!

Bibliana – July 2010

Ken: great news on Brianna’s ACT. She got a 32 which is in the 99th percentile, and she didn’t get all the Science section finished. She got 35/99% in both English and in Reading, 29/93% in Math & 28/94% in Science. Your assistance was of great value and helped her be to be confident. With these scores and her 1970 on the SAT along with the WGPA of 3.85, how do you think she stands on getting into Barrett Honors at ASU?

Great work! Sheridan is up next in October for her Sophomore year PSAT.

Best regards,

Tim, July 2010


Excellent score! That ACT score is equivalent to a 2160 SAT score! Brianna is set. Hopefully not only will she be set for Barrett Honors College, but also for the Flynn Scholarship program.

Congratulate her for me. Not finishing the Science section is not uncommon. 35’s in both English and Reading equates to a 780 Critical Reading score!

Sheridan should prep for her junior year PSAT beginning next spring. Have a good summer, and thanks for your patronage. Please continue to spread the word about my book which is now in 11 states and Canada.


Hi Ken,

Banner night for scores… got both ACT & SAT scores back tonight. Here’s how Nolan did:

Math- 700
Writing- 660

Nolan improved 90 points overall from his first attempt.

English- 28 (always his most challenging subject)
Math- 33
Reading- 31

Composite score- 31.

We are very pleased with the results! Thank you so much for all your help in preparing him for the tests. You’ll be seeing son #3 in 4 years! Have a great summer.

Cindi R. – June 2010

Ken, I would like to review my personal experience with you helping my daughters over the past 5 years.

Your most amazing tribute is your passion to help these young adults achieve their dreams. Your real-world approach to college counseling boosted my kids knowledge of how to take an exam, but more importantly it gave them the self confidence to feel good about themselves before, during and after the tests.

Ken, the proof is in the pudding, meaning the point is about these kids being able to achieve the results that they may not have, but for your impact. You made a huge difference with each one of my daughters. Jill has already received a full college scholarship, as well as other scholarship opportunities! Their confidence, self esteem ,and test scores are all proof of the positive results these young adults experience when they have the opportunity to work with you.

Tim & Janet Furst (parents)

Like every parent, I was sure my daughter could do well in her SATs and PSAT exams without any extra help. However, after few classes it became very apparent how wrong I was. I soon realized Ken was very skillfully teaching my daughter invaluable test taking skills and strategies. Asha, my daughter, had the academic knowledge, but Ken taught her how to look at test questions, get to the right answer within the short time frame of test taking. I credit Ken for Asha’s success in being the National Merit Finalist. His soft spoken demeanor puts every student at ease and teach them not to dread the word “test”. As the SAT exam dates loomed closer, the decision to drive 40 miles round trip every Sunday was an easy one. Perseverance is the important ingredient. Asha benefited, not by attending classes for a month or two, but by consistently attending them over a period of time.

Asha was able to increase her SAT scores over 120 points (she scored 1500+ in the SAT) and do extremely well in the SAT IIs (she got a near perfect score in writing and 740+ in others). Thanks to his tutoring, Asha was accepted to the schools of her choice. It was not easy choosing from Smith College (in Boston), Washington and Lee University (9th oldest educational institution in the nation, located in Virginia), University of Notre Dame (Indiana) and Baretts Honor College.

I highly recommend Ken Krueger to anyone who is looking to help their child improve their test scores and in turn help get into the school of their choice.

Ushma S. (parent)

I personally believe a direct result of Ken mentoring my son was that he (Michael) was able to go to the college of his choice with the excellent results that he received on the SAT. His score was a 1380. Had Michael not been exposed to Ken and his clear, logical thought process, he would surely not have done nearly as well. Also, my daughter Abby found him caring, and adopted easily to his teaching methods. Her results on the SAT escalated from 1160 to 1460. Clearly, the responsibility for such an outstanding improvement lies almost solely on the shoulders of Mr. Krueger. Abby, also performed remarkably well on her SAT II exams, placing in the 98th percentile.

Ian R., MD (parent)

Mark and I are most appreciative of the support and leadership you afforded our son, Ben, as he navigated his way through the college testing and selection process. It is an overwhelming process, to say the least. With your expert guidance, knowledge and overall support, Ben was able to gain admittance to the university he had listed as his #1 choice-University of Pennsylvania, College of Engineering.

Mary B. (parent)

Our family would like to thank you for the excellent help and advice you gave Matthew before he took the PSAT this year. We were disappointed with the scores on both the verbal & math sections after he took the test as a sophomore. We felt the verbal score of 72 and the math score of 60 did not reflect his true abilities.

The PSAT scores he received this year-77 verbal, 80 math, and 67 writing, with a selection index of 224 do reflect his abilities and were a direct result of your “coaching” him as to how to mentally approach the test, constantly reminding him not to make careless errors, familiarizing himself with the test format, & helping him believe in himself!

You’ve helped open many doors for him and added to his opportunities for college and financial aid. It is with much appreciation that we write this letter.

Pat P. & Mike S. (parents)

Ken Krueger was recommended to me as an excellent tutor for the SAT preparation. I realized that taking the SAT was a once-in-a-lifetime event, but one that could have far reaching consequences for a student’s enrollment at the university he/she desired to attend. Ken keeps his classes small, and is therefore able to give his students personal attention that would be missed in a larger class setting. My son had taken one SAT test prior to attending Ken’s classes. After completing Ken’s course of study, Nick then scored a 1550 on the test! Nick felt that Ken’s knowledge was extremely beneficial. As a side note, we drive almost 30 minutes to attend classes with Ken. There are closer classes available, but we definitely think the drive to Ken’s is worth it!

Diana Hasulak (parent)

Ray and I would like to thank you for the wonderful guidance and tutoring you gave to our daughter Sarah. In addition to the PSAT test preparation, you are always so gracious in answering questions and advising us. Sarah is a good student but her PSAT score of 98% as a sophomore was beyond our expectation. She scored 99% in reading, 95% math and 99% in writing. She says she could not have scored that high without the tips and guidance you provided during the tutoring sessions. We are encouraged with her performance and are looking forward to her acing her junior year PSAT test and subsequent SAT test.

Jennifer M. (parent)

Ken Krueger has helped me achieve excellence in my standardized test scores. I have received his tutoring for both the PSAT and the new SAT, and have scored in the 99th percentile on both of those tests, placing me in contention for some of the best universities. His style of teaching by utilizing realistic practice tests is, in my opinion, the best way to prepare for those tests. I am very grateful to Mr. Krueger and would recommend him to anyone wishing to excel on the PSAT or SAT.

Ian B. (student)

I just wanted to let you know that your classes helped me get into Brophy’s honors program. I was also invited to join the SHEP program because I scored in the top 5%. Thank you so much for your help. I found that I was not anxious about taking the test after taking your classes. I thought the actual test was easier than your classes. I would like to take more of your classes in the future for any other tests that are required in high school. You are a very good teacher.

James (student)

Thank you so much for all you have done for Taylor. After taking your classes she was so confident and comfortable taking the high school entrance exam. Thank you also for taking the time to talk to her on the phone, your advice was so perfect for her and so helpful. Thank you also for your voicemail to my husband, Scott. Taylor interviewed at Notre Dame today and they informed her that she scored a 99% on the entrance exam!! Out of more than 500 kids who took the test Taylor had the 15th highest score! I think she feels more comfortable at Notre Dame and will attend there. We have a son who is in 6th grade so we will see you in a few years. Once again, thank you for all you have done for our family.

Carol A. (parent)

Thank you very much for supporting me in my path to Brophy. You have given me the confidence to succeed and do my best. I am happy to report that I was accepted into Brophy. I hope we can meet again for college prep!

Kieren W. (8th grade student)

I would just like to tell you how grateful we are for your exceptional program and the gift you are to all our boys.We are entirely thankful, and hoping that this season brings you great gifts in return. You are a bridge to a future filled with possibility to many young men. Thank you for all that you do to make a “real difference” in the life of a child. We look forward to a wonderful continued working relationship with you. My husband and I would be delighted to meet with you face to face sometime. Your work with young men and future leaders is absolutely extraordinary. We had the great pleasure of meeting with several graduates of Brophy, who are now finishing University, graduate school or in medical school. These amazing young men, and parents alike, all expressed their gratitude for your amazing talent and mentoring. We hope our son will be as fortunate, we know he will do his best.

Lisa B. (parent)

I’d like to thank you for your exceptional teaching service, as well as all the non-academic lessons I learned while in your course. Your simple tips for taking the test and for interviews really provided a lot of help. I’m proud to say that I was able to greet my Acceptance Letter with a wide smile, and many thanks to you. With love,

Peter C. (8th grade student)

I just want to let you know that Matt got into Brophy. In fact, he got in “with distinction,” and into the SHEP program. We were all so excited! Thank you so much for all your help getting him ready for the placement test and the interview. He felt that your sessions really helped him a lot. Maybe I’ll see you in two years for my triplets! Thanks again.

Michelle (parent)

Just a note to thank you for the test prep class. I have to admit that Sam was less than thrilled about being enrolled but as each week has passed he seems more and more comfortable. The first week, he complained about the homework, but not a peep since. He has shared with me that there are parts of the test that he is actually good at – which came as a big surprise to him and this has given him confidence he did not have before. I believe that it is a testament to you and the class that even a 13-year old boy can recognize a good thing when he sees it.

Kristin (parent)

The most significant increase in test scores for Phillip was in the Writing section of the SAT. Ken assured us that the Writing section was a realistic area to strengthen by taking his preparation course and he did. We are pleased to say the Phillip was able to strengthen his scores in all areas of the SAT [by 160 points total, and by 32 points on the PSAT]. We would recommend Ken’s preparation class to other families that are looking for a structured and effective test prepartion course.

Annie & Jeff C. (parents)

Ken has been working with Chris on and off for over a year in preparation for the SAT and the old PSAT format. Chris improved his scores (PSAT/SAT) by 220 points! In addition to test preparation, Ken provides extensive guidance counseling and planning, resource contacts, financial aid information of which we have had some dialogue. I would highly recommend Ken Krueger to any student who desires to reach his/her greatest potential for continued, successful learning.

Judy W. (parent)

Here’s the student film I wrote and directed for USC my last year. It has its problems, but gets the message across. Look for my trailers for the upcoming Star Wars movie, which have been approved by George Lucas to air on TV next month. As always, I am incredibly thankful for your guidance and for your help in getting me to the right place.

Michael Klima (Web Editor, Lucasfilm L.T.D.)

Ken has established an enviable reputation with both students and parents for his ability to teach with both compassion and firmness to bring about measurable improvement in test scores. He has advised parents on the problems surrounding college selection and provided much assistance in the acquisition of funds to assist students attending the colleges of their choice.

Barry Carter (U.I.C.I, College Fund Life Division)

Congratulations! You have been selected as an outstanding high school teacher in the University of California, San Diego’s Teacher Recognition Program….I am pleased to award you a certificate recognizing your extraordinary accomplishments. The results of your work and dedication last a lifetime. Many of us look back with deep appreciation to those teachers who encouraged and motivated us to reach our goals.

We applaud your success. Great teachers do indeed inspire their students.

Robert C. Dynes (Chancellor, University of California, San Diego)

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us. We feel very fortunate to have met you.

Alexandria & Hilary (students)

Ryan scored a 30 on his ACT Composite (English 34, Math 27, Reading 29, Science 30). We are pleased. We feel that Ryan has greatly benefited from your ACT prep course. Along with great information and strategies he has gained the confidence to do his best on the tests. Thank you.

(And the following after his next test series …)

I just wanted to let you know how things worked out for Ryan, and to thank you for assisting him in his college testing process. He scored a 30 on his second try at the ACT (same as his first test). We were pleased with the outcome, and he will send both test scores to colleges as it demonstrates consistency. Also, we were very pleased to learn that Pepperdine and USC (his two top schools) will combine the two tests to calculate his composite score. If they do that, he will score a 32! Ryan had an interview with a USC admissions and the individual told him that his score would place him near the top candidates in the test category. We feel that your prep course was excellent, and a tremendous help to Ryan. We will continue to recommend your program to others.

Gail D. (parent)

Just wanted to let you know that Jay took the September ACT and got a 32 Composite Score. Individual scores were: Science-34, Math-33, English-31, Reading-28. He came a long way since he started with you. I just wanted to tell you thanks for all of your efforts with him. The improvement reached was dramatic. Please feel free to use me as a reference.

(And the following after his next test series …)

You made a huge impact on my son, who took your PSAT, SAT and ACT classes. You gave him the confidence to succeed in taking the ACT. His composite scores on the ACT went from 28 to 30 and ultimately to a 32 (top 1%). These scores allowed him to get into his first choice college USC. We will be forever grateful.

Mark R. (parent)

Thank you very much for the help that you gave Will in preparation for the PSAT. With your positive guidance and efficient direction, he was able to raise his score! We appreciate the many times that you reviewed practice PSAT tests with Will and offered explanations, strategies, and hints for answers to the various challenging questions. I was amazed at the stack of vocabulary words that he practiced! Thanks to you, Will stayed on track with his PSAT review.

N.M. (parent)

Lyle has been accepted at 6 top architectural schools. He has chosen University of Colorado School of Engineering and will receive a scholarship. UC offers the ArchEng program he’s interested in. So, we’re closing the book on the “college application” chapter! Again, I want to THANK YOU for all of your help. Your assistance and advice was invaluable. I know we couldn’t have done it without you!

A.K. (parent)

I wanted to update you on our son’s college selection. He will be going to Georgetown University in the fall. He made this excellent selection over the other schools that also gave him acceptance – Cornell University, Rice University, Vanderbilt University and the Honors College at the University of AZ. He was wait listed at Duke and Washington University in St. Louis. We are extremely proud of his success and know that he got his start by preparing for the high school admissions test at Brophy with you and, of course, the SAT and ACT prep classes that followed. The college admissions process this year saw the most applicants ever, so he competed in a busy year, and did well on the tests, stayed strong academically and has been working part-time this entire senior school year. Wishing you the best, and continued success with your other students.

Hope L. (parent)

KJ has known quite a few kids who are currently using your program. I am sure you have noticed. The parents and the kids have nothing but incredible things to say about you as well. Some things never change, and I feel SO blessed that you are helping the girls. You have given them such great support, and I know it means a great deal to all of us.

Vicki B. (parent)

Thanks for all you’re doing for our scholars. I hear nothing but rave reviews. You are a godsend to our program and more important to our scholars who we are trying to get into college.

Melanie W. McClintock – Executive Director – Boys Hope Girls Hope of Arizona

Thanks for all the wonderful tutoring sessions through the years, from Kelly’s ACT’s, and Mitch becoming a National Merit Scholar, to working so hard with Grant. We will miss you and think of you often.

Steve, Jiletta, Kelly, Mitch, & Grant (students)

I just got a 1420 on my last SAT test. A huge increase of 220 points. I am really happy. Thank you very much!

Nick (student)

We want to thank you very much for the valuable advice you gave us about Tim’s college testing. Your recommendations to us helped us to gain a better understanding of Tim’s challenges and what direction we should take.

Mark & Jeanine N. (parents)

I wanted to drop you a note and let you know, looking back, now that Alex has gone through “freshman adaptation” how much we valued your mentoring and tutoring in helping Alex prepare for the entrance exam.

Lou S. (parent)

Thank you for all of the help you have given me over the past months. I could never have succeeded without you. All of your tine and effort has meant a lot to me. God Bless.

Jon E. (student)

Ken Krueger helped me to get acquainted with the SAT I – the time constraints, the types of questions, the tricks – which enabled me to improve my score. In fact, I raised my score 140 points. I would highly recommend Ken’s test prep classes for anyone who wants to improve their scores.

Alex Righi (student)

I really appreciate all the help you gave me with my math and tests during high school. I could not have made it without you!

Doug J. (student)

Thank you for working with Michael. He is feeling very confident and prepared for the entrance exam. He has learned so much the last few months, thanks to you.

Bridget & Pete (parents)

I have twin daughters who are both seeking athletic and academic scholarships in the US. Originally from Canada, we were not familiar with all the rules and NCAA requirements to search for school options. Ken has been a fantastic resource for learning “the ropes” for the qualifying for various schools, and really helped both my girls raise their SAT & ACT scores. Both have received scholarship offers! Thank you Ken! Your assistance and guidance is invaluable.

Valerie M. (parent)

Dear Mr. Krueger;

Thank you so much for helping me prepare for the SAT and ACT. I raised my ACT score by two points and my SAT score by almost 200 points. With those scores, I have gotten several merit scholarships and have been accepted to the Univ. of Arizona Honors College. Also, thank you for giving me a class for free. I really appreciate all your help and dedication.


Jenn Skotak

The following is readers’ praise for Ken’s book: “Ken Krueger’s College Planning Guide: Where Do I Start? How Do I Get There?

Krueger’s Book is a definitive how-to guide that touches every aspect of the college planning process. It is heavy on touching every base, walking you through the college planning process from beginning to end, so that your first step on campus is light. This book will help thousands of students and parents. It is all in here, the entire college planning process, every step.

Frederick E. Rugg, bestselling author whose works include Rugg’s Recommendations on the Colleges

This is awesome information…I love how you interspersed the quotes with the information…It is readable and easy to follow…If a child will take the time to read the advice…They should be set for their 4 years in high school…

M. E. Fusco, Registrar, Cocopah Middle School and Duke University Alumni Interviewer

Ken, this book is priceless. You are a treasure of information, and it is obvious that you are personally committed to helping the student and parent through this process with boundless wisdom from you rich experiences. I feel like you are talking to me in person. The audio book is going to be a hit with your calming and reassuring tone of voice.

Your own personal story in the Epilogue gives hope to all students who have had to overcome handicaps in their lives. You can be an encouragement to others by sharing your story. We all have no idea how one word or one story can change someone’s destiny. Ken, your plan to donate some of the proceeds from the sales of the book to schools and to hearing impaired/deaf organizations is an honorable acknowledgement of your appreciation to them.

I want to thank you, Ken, for writing such a comprehensive, easy to read, conversational, one of a kind college planning guide for us parents and students. I highly recommend your guide not only to upperclassmen, but also to freshmen and their parents as well.

The personal guided step by step approach that you so eloquently produced in your book provides a clear road map and gives a secure game plan to easily journey through these very complex and stressful college planning and financial aid processes. This is “excellent plus” material.

Monica Costello, Parent of a College Bound Student, Brophy College Prep, Phoenix, Arizona

As a professional educator I can speak from a position of authority and experience. Ken Krueger has created one of the most impressive guides for college bound students that I have seen in my twenty-five years of teaching experience at both the high school and collegiate levels. This book is something that all high school and college counselors must have. It is a tremendous asset for both educators and students alike.

Edward J. Martin, Ph.D., Associate Professor at the Graduate Center for Public Policy and Administration, CalState Long Beach

…your book should have a reassuring, calming effect on the student. You wisely start out explaining to high school students that virtually regardless of how the college application process should play out, they should remember that they are valuable, talented human beings with a fulfilling future.

Fr. Jim Sinnerud, Theology Teacher, Omaha Jesuit Prep High School

It is impressive with the amount of detail that you have addressed in this very complex process. It is easy reading and very well written. Congratulations on a job well done. I will be sure to see that our high school guidance people are aware of … your book.

Bill Pahl, Superintendant of Sandusky City Schools, Sandusky, Ohio

I want to thank you, Ken, for being a calm quiet voice of encouragement from the beginning of this process. As a mother of a highly recruited athlete, there is so much information out there or amongst us [parents] trying to figure out the recruiting road. While we are all trying to figure out what the rules are, where do we find them, and whom do we ask, you have put [all of these rules] into an organized and understandable format. Even coaches are not sure of the rules (high school coaches).

I think the best thing…for me personally…was to keep in mind John is a person, and his education is the most important thing. Great job!

Janice Wojciechowski, parent of Highly Recruited High School Swimmer

Having worked in the field of college admissions counseling for over 30 years I have read more that my share of books on the field of college admissions. Ken Krueger’s new book ranks as one of the very best on the subject. It is thorough and detailed while concurrently being easy reading. His step-by-step approach to college placement is second to none. He literally walks the family though this anxiety producing process right up to college matriculation. If a family wants to purchase one book on college admissions this is the one!

Dave Stoffer, Educational Consultant. www.davidstoffer.com

Ken’s book is a must read for all college bound students and the parents or guardians who support them on their journey into higher education. As a mother of a first semester junior, the thought of helping my son get the most out of the college application process seems almost overwhelming.

Thankfully, Ken’s well organized and easy to read book cuts the task down to size. At every turn, he anticipates my questions and provides clear answers with actionable advice. The book is so informative that he covers tasks that I did not know were required with deadlines that I did not know existed. As a result of Ken’s book, I am much more prepared to coach my son through this important process.

Jeni Williams, Parent of a College Bound Student, Brophy College Prep, Phoenix, Arizona