Services and Fees

Services and Fees

Students at Educational Guidance Services with Ken Krueger Students at Educational Guidance Services with Ken Krueger Students at Educational Guidance Services with Ken Krueger

Educational Guidance Services provides a full range of services to help students meet their college planning and standardized testing needs.

  • PSAT Test Preparation
  • SAT / ACT / SAT Subject Tests Preparation.
  • Catholic High School Placement Test (HSPT) Preparation
  • Secondary Scholastic Aptitude Test (SSAT) Preparation
  • AIMS tutoring (all areas).
  • College Admissions Counseling
  • AIMS Mathematics Tutoring
  • High school math tutoring ( all areas).
  • College Math Placement Test Preparation.
  • College admissions counseling.

View schedules for upcoming classes, including summer school classes starting July 12, on the Class Schedules page.

Services Offered

Customized courses, longer or shorter than those described below, can also be arranged. These are available for SAT/ACT/SSAT/ Subject Tests. If you don’t see exactly what you want, please contact Ken with a description of your needs.

New PSAT Test Preparation: Reservations are being accepted at this time. The 10-week PSAT course is offered in the Spring (March through May), the Fall (August through October), and the Summer (see the (Summer School page). Why prep for the PSAT? Also, read 7 Key Changes of the Redesigned PSAT here.

SAT / ACT / SAT Subject Tests Preparation: Services offered include standardized preparation for the new SAT I, the new ACT, the SAT II, and the PSAT. Included are practice tests, review of all math/verbal/writing skills (including the new essay requirement), development of positive thinking, guessing and timing techniques, and avoidance of common errors. An average of 8-12 weekly 1½ hour sessions are recommended.

Catholic High School Placement Test (HSPT) Preparation: Ken provides Entrance Exam tutoring for Brophy Prep, Xavier, St. Mary’s, Notre Dame, and Bourgade. Included are review of book resource exams (4 different books), high focus on math and grammar skills, and anxiety reduction and pacing skills. Ken also covers the admission interview and essay process, providing valuable tips for success. 10 – 1½ hour sessions from early October to early January.

Please click here for an additional list of frequently asked questions regarding the HPST.

Secondary Scholastic Aptitude Test (SSAT) Preparation: Ken can help you prepare for the SSAT, now being required by some prestigious local private and boarding schools on the east coast.

High school math tutoring ( all areas): Ken can assist in Algebra 1-4, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, College Algebra, and Finite Math. Included are instruction and practice tests geared to your specific requirements. Tutoring sessions last 1½ hours and can be scheduled as needed.

College Math Placement Test Preparation: For higher placement in your first year of college, Ken offers assistance with the ASU, UofA, and NAU mathematics placement tests. Included are a review of relevant high school math and practice placement tests. The number of sessions varies based on the test. This is a summer program only.

College Admissions Counseling: Whether you need general guidance, or specific help with the maze of paperwork required for admissions and financial aid, Ken can provide the information you seek. Counseling sessions last 1½ hours and can be scheduled as needed.

Diagnostic Testing: This new service has been added in the fall of 2011. Many students/parents often wonder where strengths/weaknesses lie regarding standardized testing. A diagnostic test of approximately two hours can help determine this. Ken can arrange for pre-testing for the PSAT, SAT, and ACT, and give his expert professional analysis. The fee is $75, and appointments are based upon availability.

School-year Program Details

  • Classes run 90 minutes each
  • Classes are offered in small group format (6-10 students)
  • Program runs 8 – 12 weeks
  • Ken teaches all of his classes himself and provides his experienced, knowledgeable, and personal touch to all. He shares his original, insightful, and proven tips and strategies for PSAT, SAT, ACT, and SAT Subject Test prep utilizing authentic test prep resources published by the College Board and ACT, along with his own materials.
  • Ken’s program requires students to complete a weekly assignment at home that will take approximately 1 hour. It includes vocabulary memorization and a reading/math handout. With continued weekly practice consisting of 1.5 hours in my office and 1 hour at home, much success will come.
  • “The proof is in the pudding” applies particularly so when it comes to professional tutoring. Many programs do not offer proof of their success through testimonials from students, parents, school personnel, and other professional educational consultants. Please see these testimonials for a sample of success stories and validation references since 1998.

Flexible Payment Options

  • Credit cards accepted. See bottom of this page for details. If making payment for course in full, contact Ken for more details.
  • Payment options available are weekly, monthly, or in full (recommended for maximum discount).
  • Ken’s weekly 1.5 hour session rate is $50.
  • 3 sessions cost is $150
  • 4 sessions cost is $200.
  • 6 sessions cost is $300.
  • 7 sessions cost is $350
  • 8 sessions cost is $400.
  • 10 sessions cost is $450 (and includes a $50 discount).
  • 12 sessions cost is $500 (meets twice weekly and includes a $100 discount).
  • Length of course varies from 10-16 lessons, depending on the student’s needs.
  • Classes missed can be made up as long as 24 hours notice is given and pending availability. No extra charge.
  • Recommended: a fully refundable $100 security deposit to reserve school year time slots (deducted from balance owed at start of first class if course is not paid for in advance.)

Resource Books Required for the Course

Please click on the book title for more information.

  • Students taking the SAT need to purchase the College Board Official SAT Study Guide (2018 edition) before class. Available at Barnes and Noble, or click on the book link to order from Amazon.
  • Students taking the ACT need to purchase the Official ACT Prep Guide (2018 edition) before class. Note that The Real ACT, 3rd Edition is ok also. Available at Barnes and Noble, or click on the book link to order from Amazon.
  • Ken’s PSAT course will cover the New PSAT tips, strategies, and practice from Ivy Global, Barron’s, Kaplan’s, and Princeton Review’s test prep book sources. Students do not need to buy all of these books, but it is recommended that students purchase at least one of these books for extra practice at home.
  • Recommended for all students is Ken’s book, Ken Krueger’s College Planning Guide: Where Do I Start? How Do I Get There? Ken’s book chapters regarding such topics as testing, the college application process, essay writing, interviewing, tips for parents, and advice for students will be referenced throughout the course. This book is available online or can be purchased at Ken’s office for $26.95.

Credit Card Option

Use the credit card option to place a $100 deposit or purchase classes in blocks of four for $200. Please enter the name of your child (or children) whom you wish to enroll and choose the session that you’re signing up for. Ken will be in touch shortly to arrange scheduling.

Please note the rate changes effective January 2017.

How many classes?
Which session?
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Ken is open to clarification regarding payment options. Please call or email Ken if you have any questions. All fees are fully refundable.


College Planning Guide Book ($26.95)

College Planning Guide Book (PDF Copy $22.95)