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More Testimonials About the Book

“Ken, this book is priceless. You are a treasure of information, and it is obvious that you are personally committed to helping the student and parent through this process with boundless wisdom from you rich experiences. I feel like you are talking to me in person. The audio book is going to be a hit with your calming and reassuring tone of voice.

“Your own personal story in the Epilogue gives hope to all students who have had to overcome handicaps in their lives. You can be an encouragement to others by sharing your story. We all have no idea how one word or one story can change someone’s destiny. Ken, your plan to donate some of the proceeds from the sales of the book to schools and to hearing impaired/deaf organizations is an honorable acknowledgement of your appreciation to them.

“I want to thank you, Ken, for writing such a comprehensive, easy to read, conversational, one of a kind college planning guide for us parents and students. I highly recommend your guide not only to upperclassmen, but also to freshmen and their parents as well.

“The personal guided step by step approach that you so eloquently produced in your book provides a clear road map and gives a secure game plan to easily journey through these very complex and stressful college planning and financial aid processes. This is 'excellent plus' material.”

Monica Costello, parent of a college-bound student
Phoenix, Arizona

As a professional educator I can speak from a position of authority and experience. Ken Krueger has created one of the most impressive guides for college bound students that I have seen in my twenty-five years of teaching experience at both the high school and collegiate levels. This book is something that all high school and college counselors must have. It is a tremendous asset for both educators and students alike.

Edward J. Martin, Ph.D., Associate Professor at the Graduate Center for Public Policy and Administration, CalState Long Beach.

This is awesome information...I love how you interspersed the quotes with the information...It is readable and easy to follow...If a child will take the time to read the advice...They should be set for their 4 years in high school...

M. E. Fusco, Registrar, Cocopah Middle School and Duke University Alumni Interviewer.

It is impressive with the amount of detail that you have addressed in this very complex process. It is easy reading and very well written. Congratulations on a job well done. I will be sure to see that our high school guidance people are aware of ... your book.

Bill Pahl, Superintendant of Sandusky City Schools, Sandusky, Ohio.

I want to thank you, Ken, for being a calm quiet voice of encouragement from the beginning of this process. As a mother of a highly recruited athlete, there is so much information out there or amongst us [parents] trying to figure out the recruiting road. While we are all trying to figure out what the rules are, where do we find them, and whom do we ask, you have put [all of these rules] into an organized and understandable format. Even coaches are not sure of the rules (high school coaches).

I think the best thing...for me personally...was to keep in mind John is a person, and his education is the most important thing. Great job!

Janice Wojciechowski, parent of Highly Recruited High School Swimmer.

...your book should have a reassuring, calming effect on the student. You wisely start out explaining to high school students that virtually regardless of how the college application process should play out, they should remember that they are valuable, talented human beings with a fulfilling future.

Fr. Jim Sinnerud, Theology Teacher, Omaha Jesuit Prep High School.

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