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Brand New 2010 Edition: The best college planning information for students and parents

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Ken Krueger

Henry David Thoreau once wrote: “simplify…simplify…simplify.” His message was intended for us to learn to unravel ourselves, unfold ourselves, so that Life becomes more manageable and meaningful.

Ken Krueger’s College Planning Guide is designed to help you do the same. This extensive resource book is a roadmap that will “simplify…simplify…simplify” the somewhat tedious and confusing college planning, admissions, and financial aid processes. This insightful and motivational guide will empower you with straightforward information, and is presented in a personal, conversational, and easy to read style. You will see that you are in control of these processes…not the other way around.

Duke University graduate, Ken, and Dartmouth graduate, Mike, have combined their passionate efforts and countless hours to provide guidance and advice for students, parents, and guidance counselors everywhere that is incredibly personal, insightful, and current. The goal of their book is to aid all students who have not just a goal of attending college, but of attending the college(s) that may be best for them.

Well received and reviewed nationally by many professionals in the field of education, as well as students and parents, Ken Krueger’s College Planning Guide helps expertly guide one through the seemingly endless maze of college planning. Parents and students have commonly noted: “I feel like you are in the room talking to me personally.” Guidance counselors have expressed excitement as the “whole college planning process is simply, yet eloquently, presented and explained.”

Students are encouraged to look within themselves, come to grips with their true wants and goals regarding their college aspirations, and make appropriate, suitable decisions. This resource guide is not merely a list of forms and instructions, but is, more importantly, a completely comprehensive, well researched, most current, personal guide that resounds with authenticity because of the genuine desire of the authors to help students and families find their way through the college admissions maze, and help make the dreams of college bound students everywhere become a totally satisfying and financially affordable reality.

Ken Krueger, M.Ed. - January, 2010

  • Four-year planning guide.

  • 73 Pages on Financial Aid, Scholarships, and Grants.

  • Most updated, current information about the new FAFSA (Free Application For Federal Student Aid).

  • 34 pages on guidelines and tips for recruited athletes.

  • Guide to Standardized Tests.

  • How-to guide for writing the college application essays.

  • Step-by-step guide for visiting and interviewing, applying to, and deciding upon the college(s) of your choice and deadlines for doing so.

  • Inside the College Admissions Office: What is sought in your application? What do the final decisions really mean? And how can you appeal?

  • Tips for parents and advice for students.

  • Hundreds of websites, resource guidebooks, and glossaries of ALL important admissions and financial aid terms.

  • 346 full-length pages of voice-recorded college planning information that has been professionally transcribed and edited into a conversationally toned resource.
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"You are not your SAT/PSAT/ACT score - good or bad. Your test score is only one of many important criteria for college admissions."

- Ken Krueger

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Some Testimonials About the Book

It is with great pleasure that I lend my support and backing to Ken Krueger and his College Planning Guide. Ken’s book is a great reference for both parents and students trying to wade through the college admissions process. It clears up a lot of the confusion and makes a difficult journey manageable.

The ability Ken has to strengthen the learning of young adults has far surpassed my expectations, and he continues to be a pillar in the educational community. I have four children who have benefited from Ken’s knowledge and guidance as he assisted them with the admissions process into Brophy College Prep, and with SAT tutoring, resulting in very significant increases in test scores.

Ken’s background and experience is impressive, and his qualifications would lend a great deal of value to any individual, family, and business. My children have done so well in part because of Ken Krueger.

Cindy Hensley McCain (wife of Senator John McCain).

“Krueger's Book is a definitive how-to guide that touches every aspect of the college planning process. It is heavy on touching every base, walking you through the college planning process from beginning to end, so that your first step on campus is light. This book will help thousands of students and parents. It is all in here, the entire college planning process, every step.

Frederick E. Rugg, bestselling author whose works include Rugg's Recommendations on the Colleges.

Having worked in the field of college admissions counseling for over 30 years I have read more that my share of books on the field of college admissions. Ken Krueger's new book ranks as one of the very best on the subject. It is thorough and detailed while concurrently being easy reading. His step-by-step approach to college placement is second to none. He literally walks the family though this anxiety producing process right up to college matriculation. If a family wants to purchase one book on college admissions this is the one!

Dave Stoffer, Educational Consultant.

With more than 35 years of experience as an educational consultant, Ken Krueger has written this new book on navigating the road to successfully finding the right college. It is designed in mind for parents of college-bound students but could be used with equal success by the students themselves and high school counselors. Krueger has taken his years of experience talking with parents and students about their concerns on everything from the admissions process and financial aid, to campus life and making wise choices. The book begins with a clear mission statement and introduction from the author. It then goes on to provide 15 sections, each dealing with a different aspect of college selection. Users will find chapters on self-evaluation, selecting a four-year college or junior college, the role of standardized admissions tests, applying for college, applying for financial aid, and guidelines for recruited athletes. The tips on financial aid are especially valuable since this can be a confusing area for those unfamiliar with the process. Also useful is a concluding chapter on tips and advices for students that covers such issues as how to deal with waiting lists and rejection letters, the transition from high school student to college freshman, and dealing with the stress of it all. The work concludes with lists for further reading (e.g., college ranking guides, college guides, Internet sites). This resource is ideal for the parent or student going through the college admission process for the first time; it is hard to find anything that is not covered within these pages. This book would be a great selection for public libraries, high school libraries, and on the desk of high school counselors.

Shannon Graff Hysell, Senior Editor, American Reference Book Annual

“Ken’s book is a must read for all college-bound students and the parents or guardians who support them on their journey into higher education. As a mother of a first semester junior, the thought of helping my son get the most out of the college application process seems almost overwhelming.

“Thankfully, Ken’s well organized and easy to read book cuts the task down to size. At every turn, he anticipates my questions and provides clear answers with actionable advice. The book is so informative that he covers tasks that I did not know were required with deadlines that I did not know existed. As a result of Ken’s book, I am much more prepared to coach my son through this important process.”

Jeni Williams, parent of a college-bound student
Phoenix, Arizona

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