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About the Authors

Ken Krueger, M.Ed.

Ken Krueger

After graduating with double major degrees in Psychology and Economics from Duke University in 1972, Ken Krueger entered the business world as Assistant Personnel Director of Cedar Point, a corporation in Ohio. He was promoted to Personnel Director in January 1973. His position duties included all employment related issues involving 3000 employees. Soon realizing that the world of Education was the world he missed most, Ken decided to go to graduate school and earn his M.Ed., specializing in Guidance and Counseling.

His professional educational career began in 1974. Ken served as a social studies and math teacher, guidance counselor, and football and track coach, in both public and private high schools in Ohio and Arizona for 24 years. During his last year of counseling and teaching, and while at Brophy College Preparatory in Phoenix, Ken received the Michael P. Klein Award, given to the faculty member of the year, “in recognition for outstanding personal, professional, and spiritual dedication to family, students, and the community.”

Later that same year, 1998, Ken started his own educational consulting and tutoring business – Educational Guidance Services – in central Phoenix. He continues today to help thousands of students from 95 public and private schools across the state of Arizona with their college counseling needs as well as their higher education standardized test prep needs.

A very special thank you goes to Ken's lifelong good friend, Mike Nath. Their paths crossed way back in high school during their football-playing and discus-throwing days in Sandusky, Ohio. Mike has so professionally edited and massaged into an easily readable and comprehendible book format some twelve hours of Ken's voice recordings of college planning information, and has done so painstakingly and diligently, with patience and expertise that are second to none.

Michael J. Nath, J.D.

Mike Nath

Mike was contacted by Cornell University in the spring of his junior year in high school. From that day on he planned on an Ivy League education. Subsequently, he was also recruited at Yale, Columbia, and Dartmouth where he matriculated in 1967.

Following graduation in 1971 with a BA, majoring in psychology and with a minor in Asian studies, he went to work to save money for graduate school. In 1973 he entered The John Marshall School of Law, which is a part of Cleveland State University.

Upon graduating in 1976, and while studying for the Ohio Bar Exam, he took a job at a major amusement park. He stayed there for the next 20-some years. One exciting aspect of his job was the importing of products from Asia, including China when it normalized relations with the U.S. in about 1979.

After marrying the love of his life in 1999, Dr. Judi Lindsley Nath, the 60-80 hour workweeks began to take a toll, so he resigned his position in 2004. Since then he has occupied his time as a legal consultant to the Human Anatomy & Physiology Society when not spending quality time with his beloved wife and their three dogs: a German Shepherd named Gabbi, a Rottweiler named Bear, and a pit bull named Quincy.

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