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Welcome to Educational Guidance Services
Provided by Ken Krueger, M.Ed., Consultant/Counselor/Tutor

Please bookmark this website as one of your favorite resources for college planning, admissions, testing and financial aid. Ken Krueger’s online information is updated frequently. Ken refers to a quote from Henry David Thoreau, the famous author: (“simplify, simplify, simplify….your life”). Thoreau’s message reminds us to unravel and unfold ourselves, to reduce our confusion and anxiety, and to let life become more manageable and meaningful. Throughout the college planning process, it is important to keep one’s goals clearly in focus. See Ken’s ABCs of College Planning.

Ken Krueger has helped young people and their parents “simplify, simplify, simplify” the seemingly tedious processes of standardized test prepping, college planning, and scholarship/financial aid planning processes, for over 35 yrs, and continues to do so today – 7 days a week.

You may click on a listing of Ken’s clients’ elementary and secondary schools here, as well as a list of his clients’ college acceptance schools here.

As a Duke University alumnus, certified professional educator in both public and private schools, current educational consultant, and standardized test prep tutor, he insightfully and motivationally guides students with his personal, interactive, and instructive style. “Practice, practice, practice” taking standardized tests from actual test maker resources has enabled students to “learn by doing” and get to their next level of test performance success on the HSPT, SSAT, SAT, ACT,SAT Subject Tests, and GRE. Students have improved scores by as much as 400 points on the SAT, and 6-8 composite points on the ACT since Ken started his Educational Guidance Services business in 1998. (See testimonials, including one from Mrs. Cindy McCain.)

Ken’s experienced program encourages students to reduce test anxiety, learn test taking and timing strategies, develop positive thinking skills, and thus gain confidence. He loves to see the light go on when students “get it”, and he doesn’t move on until they all get it. Ken reminds his students constantly: “There are no such things as stupid mistakes here, only careless ones….likewise, there are no such things as stupid questions; please ask if you do not understand.

Ken’s students have discovered that “test success is a process”, and that, ultimately, rewarding test performance results are achieved. Ken’s test prep and consulting services have enabled students to attend colleges and universities worldwide, and he constantly reminds students: “You are NOT your SAT or ACT score, good or bad!” Pressure on today’s young people to succeed on standardized tests may cause some to have distorted images of who they are, where they can go to college, and what really matters. Ken provides his expert advice and individual approach to each student, and encourages students and parents alike to keep things in perspective regarding the college application, admissions, and financial aid processes. For more thoughts and observations, please see his Test Success Tips, Personal Insights, and About Ken’s Books (The Life Lessons audio CD is available as a free download.)

Some students may need only a few lessons, while others may need more. Ken’s program offers flexibility regarding students’ needs and schedules, and Ken can assess those needs after a couple of lessons. It should be noted that students get out of Ken’s program what they put into it. In addition to once or twice weekly class meetings, SAT/ACT homework assignments are given in the areas of critical reading, math, writing skills, and vocabulary. Questions are answered regarding homework assignments during subsequent lessons. 

Ken is the sole proprietor and does not utilize “trained tutors”. He teaches all classes by himself. Classes meet once or twice weekly (as needed) for 1.5 hours for an average of 10-15 weeks. Monthly tutoring rates equate to $29/hr. Financially needy students qualify for discounts.

More details about Ken’s background can be found in this letter and on his credentials page.

Ken’s first book, Ken Krueger’s College Planning Guide: Where Do I Start? How Do I Get There? is a resource that will be continually updated in e-book format and that will expertly guide you from point A to point Z by providing you a detailed college planning program guide that includes a freshman to senior year timetable, online resources to assist you with the college search, college applications, and financial aid information, the college visit and interview process, the essay, a behind the scenes look at college admissions officers’ decisions, a testing timetable, recruited athlete tips and guidelines, and more.

Ken Krueger's College Planning Guide

Ken received the Michael P. Klein faculty member of the year award in 1998, his last year at Brophy.

Update – Ken’s book information has been helping hundreds of students and parents in the U.S., Canada, India, Korea, the Netherlands, Japan, and Europe since January 2010!